Nirmal Sewda


Nirmal was born in a yoga family in India and started practising yoga at the age of 11. His father was a yoga teacher who studied under the spiritual guidance of Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari. Growing up in India's nurturing environment, Nirmal encountered many spiritual gurus in meditation and yoga centres established by Osho, Paramhansa Yogananda and Sriram Acharya.

 Nirmal earned a Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy as well as a Masters  in Yogic Science. He naturally developed his passion for understanding the connection between body, mind and soul. He enjoys sharing the knowledge gained from ancient scriptures like Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Tao Te Ching of Lao Tse. These timeless teachings guide people to sail through difficult times wisely and fully experience the joy of life. He has a keen interest in the balance between Yin and Yang, a concept consistent with the crux of Yoga.

Nirmal enthusiastically teaches meditation, yoga for alignment and therapy. He thoroughly enjoys teaching students from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and find engaging with and exploring the uniqueness of new cultures a deeply enriching experience. Yoga is a path to better understand ourselves by exploring the mental, emotional and physical aspects of human existence.  He strongly believes that each one of us is equipped with the power of creation and self-healing and has inspired several students through his innate qualities and unique approaches that encourage positive inner changes and correct old unhealthy lifestyle patterns.

Reviews for The Teacher

"Great class as always. That's the push you need before the weekend. (thumbs up)" - Core Yoga
"Nirmal is an excellent and knowledgeable teacher!" - Alignment Yoga
"Nice and relaxing class! Highly recommended!!" - Yin Yoga
"Intense but worth it." - Core Yoga
"Nirmal is very encouraging. The class was not easy but I'm sure I can do better next time." - Core Yoga
"Nirmal is amazing. It is the best studio I went and the best teacher I have in Hong Kong. You will feel a lot of improvements if you go there on a weekly basis." 
"Great class with Nirmal! Positive vibe and nice jokes to help you hold your plank. Thanks!" - Core Yoga
"I think balance is not only an exercise but it is also meditation! 2nd time on this class! recommend." - Balance Yoga



Nirmal 早於2015在香港教導瑜伽,他來自印度,一個瑜伽智慧富饒的地方。Nirmal更是出生於一個瑜伽的家庭,爸爸從Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari修習瑜伽,是一位瑜伽仕及瑜伽老師,因此,Nirmal從小就接觸瑜伽,自11歲起Nirmal便有系統地進行修習。他曾到多處瑜伽道場去學習,如 Osho, Paramhansa Yogananda and Sriram Acharya的道場,感恩遇上許許多多珍貴的靈性修行導師。對身心靈合一的熱誠亦漸漸自然地產生,於大學時更立志選讀了瑜伽的學士及碩士學位,更有系統地認識瑜伽哲理及智慧。

Nirmal享受及熱愛與人分享一些不老經典的智慧,例如帕坦加利 (Patanjali) 的瑜伽經及老子的道德經等等。這些經典跨越時間及空間的限制,永恆不朽著二三千年之久,指引著人們越過許多困難,並從中學習及修正自己。Nirmal指不難發現瑜伽經及道德經中有很多一致的概念,如陰陽的平衡是健康生活的基礎,Nirmal希望藉由瑜伽可讓更多人認識這些簡單但深廣的智慧,讓大家的臉上掛著喜、悅、樂。