Cherry Lam


Cherry started teaching yoga in Hong Kong since 2016. With her simple and passionate mind, her teachings are effective and straightforward to many people. She just made the things happened without second thought. This characteristic is simple but profound. Sometimes, many people are used to employ our sophisticated thinking even the situation does not require so. Meeting Cherry will give you a fresh feeling of simplicity.

During these few years, Cherry has not stopped learning from other teachers and experiencing from interacting with people. Interactions with different people are showing different life lessons which are repeating until we learnt. She enjoyed life amazingly. Cherry did share yoga with family and friends which made the parents’ body more flexible and healthier. She sees yoga as part of joyful and vivid life.

With her precise and concise instructions, you will stay present with your postures and reach to the stillness inside. Cherry sees many things possible so that you will stay in her classes filled with possibilities. Come to her yoga classes and meet your possibilities.

Reviews for the Teacher

"Cherry is very informative, took care of every students all the time." - Wheel Yoga
"It was great! Very good stretch for your back. I tried first time wheel, the teacher was very helpful and supportive." - Wheel Yoga
"Great tutor and class! Tutor explain things in details and adjust the level according to the students." 
"Cherry is caring and make sure everyone is doing well in class. The studio is clean and cozy!" - Wheel Yoga
"Relaxing class! Cherry is helpful and nice." - Yin Yoga