Alignment Yoga Teacher's Training 200 Hours


  • Definition of Yoga and how yoga works for wellness
  • Conceptual meaning of physical, emotional and mental wellness
  • The relationship between emotions and body, intangibles and tangibles
  • The foundation of Yin and Yang of Hatha Yoga
  • The significance of alignment
  • The rhythm of breath and the health of body
  • Meditations


Details of the Training

  • The practical meaning of Yin and Yang in various aspects including the balance of wellness
  • Analysis for the appropriate approach and practice with different types of anatomy
  • Asanas with various rhythm, from Hatha, Ashtanga to Yin Yoga
  • Sanskrit meanings of Asanas
  • Systematic and effective approach to Asanas
  • Modifications/ variations of Asanas to cater for various needs (from beginners to advanced practitioners)
  • Basic therapeutic techniques to take care of people with chronic pain/ injuries
  • Effective deployment of yoga props
  • Ethics of professional teachers
  • Various types of breathing methods
  • Different styles of meditations
  • How asanas can lead to transformational spiritual growth


Significance of this Training

  • 200 hours will be staying in studio. Interactions with teacher and others are promptly available.
  • The alignment of body shows a lot of information of the person. We can learn how to understand others from the physical realm.
  • You will understand how your body works so that you will be able to take care of oneself and the others. Taking care of oneself and others is a beautiful artwork throughout our life.



14th Jan to 21st May 2023

Saturday 3pm to 6:30pm

Sunday 10am to 6:30pm


* No class on 21st & 22nd Jan 2023 and 8th & 9th Apr 2023 and the training will be completed at 2:30pm on 21st May 2023

* In case certain session(s) will be inevitably missed, make-up class could be arranged on case-by-case basis