Nirmal Sewda

Nirmal was born in a yoga family in India and started practising yoga at the age of 11. His father was a yoga teacher who studied under the spiritual guidance of Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari. Growing up in India's nurturing environment, Nirmal encountered many spiritual gurus in meditation and yoga centres established by Osho, Paramhansa Yogananda and Sriram Acharya.

Nirmal earned a Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy as well as a Masters  in Yogic Science. He naturally developed his passion for understanding the connection between body, mind and soul. He enjoys sharing the knowledge gained from ancient scriptures like Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Tao Te Ching of Lao Tse. These timeless teachings guide people to sail through difficult times wisely and fully experience the joy of life. He has a keen interest in the balance between Yin and Yang, a concept consistent with the crux of Yoga.

Nirmal enthusiastically teaches meditation, yoga for alignment and therapy. He thoroughly enjoys teaching students from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and find engaging with and exploring the uniqueness of new cultures a deeply enriching experience. Yoga is a path to better understand ourselves by exploring the mental, emotional and physical aspects of human existence.  He strongly believes that each one of us is equipped with the power of creation and self-healing and has inspired several students through his innate qualities and unique approaches that encourage positive inner changes and correct old unhealthy lifestyle patterns.




Cherry started teaching yoga in Hong Kong since 2016. With her simple and passionate mind, her teachings are effective and straightforward to many people. She just made the things happened without second thought. This characteristic is simple but profound. Sometimes, many people are used to employ our sophisticated thinking even the situation does not require so. Meeting Cherry will give you a fresh feeling of simplicity.

During these few years, Cherry has not stopped learning from other teachers and experiencing from interacting with people. Interactions with different people are showing different life lessons which are repeating until we learnt. She enjoyed life amazingly. Cherry did share yoga with family and friends which made the parents’ body more flexible and healthier. She sees yoga as part of joyful and vivid life.

With her precise and concise instructions, you will stay present with your postures and reach to the stillness inside. Cherry sees many things possible so that you will stay in her classes filled with possibilities. Come to her yoga classes and meet your possibilities.



Milan was born in Hong Kong in an Indian family. Practicing yoga can be described as a turning point in her life.

 Living in a hustle and bustle city, like many people in Hong Kong, Milan suffered from depression and anxiety for a period of time. She attempted to overcome her conditions through movement and expression like ballet and aerial arts. Fortunately, she encountered yoga which was leading her to sit still and understand herself with love. With considerable progress on her self-healing journey, she completed 200 hours Yoga Teaching Training and 300 hours Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with International Yoga Academy. She believes practicing Yoga can assist more people to overcome emotional hardships and understand more on themselves and so as to the others. One knows how to love oneself, then the one has to know how to love the whole, the Universe.

 She was also teaching English and Mathematics to kids and teenagers for years. She found yoga could be beneficial to teenagers to relieve tension from school works and social life, so that she started teaching yoga in 2018 and gradually included adults.

 Milan is feeling grateful towards Master Nirmal who was one of the great teachers gave her guidance and support throughout the journey. She is ready to share her treasure from yoga to you. Come and see her in our studio.


The Ashtanga yoga practice found Mary in the form of once a week led half primary class at her local gym in 2012. The pre-set sequence and the focus on aligning breath with movement formed the foundation of her practice. She began a daily practice in 2013 and maintains it to this day. She has traveled to study with Richard Freeman, a certified teacher of the Ashtanga lineage and completed a month long Teacher Intensive at the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado with him. In Hong Kong, Mary studied with Hortario Perez, an authorised level II teacher in the Ashtanga lineage. Outside of the Ashtanga tradition, Mary completed a 200 Hr teacher training and has studied privately with Nirmal Sewda. She believes that with a dedicated practice, yoga can inform every aspect of life and it allows us to live with awareness and compassion.